Epiphany Prep Charter School

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Apply Now! Aplique Hoy! We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.  Estamos aceptando solicitudes para el año escolar 2019-2020.

Our Story - History

Epiphany Prep began operations in the San Diego Unified School District attendance area in August of 2013, inspired by the 90% college entrance rate of another inner city school that two of Epiphany Prep’s founders also opened in 2001. The school’s President and other leadership team members all agreed that using core design principals of such a successful model and “best practices” of other nationally acclaimed inner-city schools were the best strategies to counter the overwhelming street pressures facing local children. Today, Epiphany Prep serves approximately 250 students in grades K-8 in Southeast San Diego. The school’s educational philosophy delivers Personalized Learning grounded in Epiphany Prep’s 4 Learning Pillars, which are the principles inspiring our decisions about school design, learning and teaching. These principles include an extended day Blended Learning model, a focus on values, and a counseling program that supports the school’s vision of transforming students academically and behaviorally for college, career and life.
When Epiphany Prep founders discussed potential names for a school, they wanted to capture the ideals that helped to turn around their own lives years before. These ideals included having a core set of values, working hard to reach ambitious goals, always seeking knowledge and growth, and happily lending a hand to serve others. The school founders recalled the moment when these principles of excellence, responsibility, wisdom and respect became important to them, and they ultimately understood the significance of seeking a healthier, happier and more purposeful life.
The name “Epiphany” was chosen because it embraces these beliefs of the school. The name affirms the notion that one can understand how to overcome their socio-economic, geographic or familial circumstances and dramatically improve their life. The mission of Epiphany Prep embodies the belief that for students, as it did years before for the school founders, a critical factor in realizing a positive turnaround in one’s life is to possess ideals. As a result, Epiphany Prep’s focus is to establish a comprehensive learning environment to influence the whole person by nurturing the intellect (academic achievement), character (moral traits) and spirit (resiliency capacity) of students.