Epiphany Prep Charter School

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Apply Now! Aplique Hoy! We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.  Estamos aceptando solicitudes para el año escolar 2019-2020.


At Epiphany Prep,
we are change makers that 
nurture all students and staff, 
restore growing families and 
unite the soul of our community through 
a core belief that we are all born for greatness. 
We are a powerful organization with a 
transformative school at the heart of it. 
That’s what makes us soar.

Celebrating our Success

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School Closure and Parent Notification

Escondido Closing Information (image)

This year has been an interesting experience filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. We have faced the pandemic together and most recently we faced the renewal process together. Unfortunately, both EUSD and SDCOE denied our petition renewal despite our incredible growth data. This means that Epiphany Prep is no longer accepting applications and will not be opening for the 2021-2022 school year.

Over the past 5 years Epiphany Prep made Escondido a better place. We built strong bonds and we have all grown together. Our actions have made an impact on our student’s academic growth, in the larger community, and on the school district with their improved focus on attending college, dual-language, full-day kindergarten, and hopefully counseling. Most importantly, our families have gained the confidence to use their voice to affect change. On behalf of your children, we encourage you to always advocate for better programs, services and teachers at your next school.

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